Vento Photographic Restoration

Bringin‘ It All Back Home

It’s Not Expensive, It‘s Priceless

The restoration of old or damaged photos represents good news for the savers of memories. I’ve been restoring “hopelessly“ damaged photographs for over 30 years, and in every case, the process has resulted in thrilling and rewarding results for families. Every photograph that comes to me is a treasure, and you can expect it to be treated that way. Every story behind every photo is unique and beautiful, and when that damaged image is scanned and enlarged, the dust, scratches and stains have been removed, and the faded image has been brought back to sparkling vitality… well, it’s enough to make a whole host of hearts soar.

You may believe that your photos are beyond repair, but with forty years of experience and state-of-the-art digital technology I can restore and repair nearly anything. Are your photos torn, ripped, stained or faded? We can handle it. Is the surface of the photograph cracked or flaking, so that parts of the image are actually missing? I can repair those photos, too. Are your photographs water damaged, smoke damaged or even fire damaged? Have you always wished that an otherwise wonderful photograph was less blurry or out of focus? Yes, we can actually sharpen the focus of your photos.

I can help you restore your memories.

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